I’m bored at work, so even though we aren’t going to play for at least a few weeks yet, I’m going to throw some info at you guys and start some ideas percolating in those brains.

The campaign will be set in modern day St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding suberbs. For those who have read the books, our story begins around the end of the second book. (If we play for more than a few sessions this will be significant, as a certain wizard from Chicago starts a war at the end of the 3rd book)

Much of the physical world will be the same as it is in real life, with the addition of various supernatural powers, groups, creatures, and dangers. We are going for gritty noire mystery, so expect grisley murder scenes and challenges that aren’t solved with violence to play a large part. Be prepared for violence too though, especially when the clues start leading you towards a renegade sorcerer conjuring demons to kill his enemies.

We will be collaborating to create locations and people, using actual twin cities neighborhoods, monuments, land marks, and geography, giving some of them a magical twist or three, so think about cool/interesting places you would like your character to visit, as well as your home turf.

Which brings us to your characters! There are a lot of options available, from pure vanilla mortal, to divine crusader, to half-vampire, to fairy changeling, to various degrees of magical practitioners. (Including shape shifters, sorcerers, wizards, minor talents, one trick ponies, and emissaries of a higher power) all of which can be equally effective and fun to play. In this game system, role playing is an actual mechanic, so also think about what makes your character tick, what made them who they are, how they got there, and why. What causes trouble or conflict in their lives, both internally and externally. It would be best if each character was connected to at least two others in some way, so discuss amongst yourselves if you get the chance.

the Dresden Files-Twin Cities