The Laws of Magic

There are seven laws of magic, and breaking them is a big deal.

Firstly, the wardens of The White Council will hunt you down. When (not if) they find you, you have 2 options-fight to the death, or submit. If you submit, you will be put on trial by the High Council, and if found guilty, summarily executed. Mitigating circumstances or justifications rarely impact this sentence, and the best you can hope for is a probationary status known as The Doom of Damocles. Under the Doom, if you can convince someone to sponsor you, you will live under constant surveillance and investigation by the Wardens, with any further violations of the laws resulting in the immediate execution of you AND your sponsor.

Secondly, you will take an immediate in game penalty that may result in your character becoming an NPC. This represents the moral and spiritual twisting that results from using “black magic.”

The laws only apply to human spellcasters, and (aside from a few exceptions) only when magic is used on another human. There are gray areas, but by and large, you can do what you want to monsters and such.

The first Law prohibits using magic to kill a human. (Injuring is fine)

The second law prohibits shapeshifting OTHER humans (changing your own shape is fine)

The third law prohibits forcible violation of a mortal mind. (No Jedi mind tricks. Mess with non-human minds at your own risk)

The fourth law prohibits magical domination of another being’s mind. (3 and 4 Are slightly different. 3 spies on a mind, or alters it’s perceptions. 4 changes the mind in a fundamental way)

The fifth law prohibits research and practice of necromancy. (Several gray areas and loopholes exist)

The sixth law prohibits temporal shenanigans (no time traveling)

The seventh law prohibits research or interaction with being’s from beyond the boundaries of the universe. (The Nevernever is part of this universe, so is fair game. What more could you want?)

The Laws of Magic

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